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Torn (Trylle Trilogy Book 2)

Torn  - Amanda Hocking So FREAKING EPIC!! OMG! Seriously I was waiting for this book for weeks. Checking the mailbox compulsively and when the UPS brought another book I was like sigh, fine. After reading Switched I need the next immediately! I totally get how this got to be a sensation with Indie readers. Wendy is growing into a person I would not fear running a civilization (unlike every single one of the politicians campaigning for the White House) she is loyal, sees the “little” people as equal, and truly cares about others without trying to force her views of life on everyone else. She gets thrown into situations that most adults wouldn’t be able to handle with poise and yet always keeps her head. She is growing more of a spine and I think will be a great ruler to the Trylle people.She’s still head over heels in love with Finn, and starts feeling for another male. She has a duty to her people and when that duty is presented she accepts it in grace. Someone spoiled the part of the series for me on twitter. Le sigh. But now I know I’m not going to have any ill feelings toward it. She will be a do her duty, but that should not mean that she has to be miserable. There are so many surprises within this second book. I never saw most of them coming. I seriously CANNOT wait to see what will happen in the next book. Like at all. So it’s gonna be another few weeks of compulsivly checking the mail. If you haven’t read this series yet! Please do, so I can talk about it with you!