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Unraveling - Elizabeth Norris This is basically a rant and as such I am not watching for spoilers, so you have been warned.Through the entirety of this book I ran through a gambit of feelings ranging from annoyance to pretty much outright hatred of this book. I negotiated with myself, “Even if it is review book there is no reason you have to read on…”, but guilt won out and I read on until about page 300. I wish I would have stopped earlier on.Why it annoyed me? Here is the short list: Her mother, her snap judgment to everyone being less intelligent than she is, dating a guy you don’t like and have no interest in only for a social leg up, interfering in FBI cases where she clearly had no place and no competence to be. I get taking care of an entire family while being a kid yourself. I understand feeling smarter than those around you, but this just hit me in the wrong way. Oh, and the fact that this just seems to be a merging of two popular teen shows, Veronica Mars and Roswell, to point where major plot points were stolen directly from them. The boy that has always watched you from afar and while you are being healed you see all the love he felt for you and waking up to find your clothing ripped after being drugged at a party only to find out later that you were not in fact raped as you always assumed. And the “powers” in this book. I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t resurrect you from the dead. Just sayin’It had some redeeming qualities. A girl dealing with incredibly real issues, but the implausibility made them moot. When you are raising a family you do not have time to be saving the world, taking jobs even though your family doesn’t need the money, or dating random dudes so you can be more popular. When she isn’t home Jared (her little brother) isn’t with her and there is no way a girl in her position would leave a sibling in harm’s way. Not to mention the fact that if her mother is routinely starting fires while she’s at home she is doing the same while she is alone. Bipolar can cause rages that endanger everyone around you and the highs can be so bad you harm yourself to the point of being seriously injured or even dying without even feeling an ounce of pain. I simply cannot believe a respected FBI agent would be allowed to have that amount of danger not only to his children, but also to case files that he often brings home with him without safe guarding in a way a child cannot break into.Also do not throw this many issues into one book. None of them get the attention they deserve and huge things can be passed over without the reader feeling any emotion whatsoever. In places where I should be devastated I was like good, which I guarantee you is not the emotion that the author was going for.In the end, although I read 3/4 of this book I simply could not subjugate myself to another page and had to switch books. Other people have really enjoyed this book, but sadly I was not one of them.